Chris and Nicole Algero

John T. Barber and wife

Clyde D. and Kathie Barbour

James and Ann Barkuloo

Tim M. and Rita Berra

Meredith Blackwell

Herbert T. Boschung, Jr.

John and Pam Caruso

Robert and Frances Cashner & daughter

Alan H. and Kristin Chaney & 3 yr old daughter

Mark and Stephanie Clements

Glenn H. Clemmer

Salvador Contreras-Balderas

Walter R. Courtenay, Jr.

William and Michelle Davis

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel and Cindy Diggins, Jr.

Harold Dundee

David & Mary Ellison

David A. Etnier and Mike Doosey

Howard and Erica Evans

Milton Fingerman

Austin Fitzjarrell and Phyllis Stern

Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr.

W. Wayne Forman

Gustavo Fuentes

Genevieve H. Gans

Violet and Chuck Germany

Don and Jordan Goodman

Jim and Karen Grady

Kim and Connie Grantham

Craig Hood

Penny Hopkins

Roy J. Irwin

Robert E. Jenkins

Carol Johnston and Kevin Kleiner

Clyde and Mary Ann Jones

Barry and Gail Kohl

Gabriel & Jan Kotsis

Armand and Bari Kuris

Sharon Larsen & Susan Slim

Anthony Laska

Shirley Laska

Ernest A Liner

Lourdes Lozano & Armando

Anita Main & Family

Mrs. Helen McCay

Patricia McWhorter-Broussard

Maurice F. and Evelyn Mettee, Jr.

John & Barb Pagels

Ray Paschall

Dana Pellegrin

Kyle Piller

Aelita Pinter

Brady Porter

Kenneth and Tamela Relyea

Steve Rohmann

Francis & Donna Rose

Eugenie Schwartz

Margaret Seale

Michael Sealy and Christine

Robert Shoop

Edward M. Simmons

Hazen and Irene Suttkus, Wayne, Anita Main, Dennis and 3 children

Jayson Suttkus

Ramona Suttkus, Claude H., Jr. and Randall Dannemann

Randle Suttkus

Royal and Jeanne Suttkus

Mike and LaVern Taylor

Leonard and Lorraine Thien

Frank and Geri Thomas

Jim and Kathleen Thomerson

Bruce and Kathy Thompson

Veronica Trau and Guest

Charlotte Travieso

Emily Vokes

Lyn Wattley

David White

James D. Williams

Henry L. Bart, Jr.

Nelson and Nicole Rios

Vincent Todaro

Genie Hogg and Brian Ogden

Stephanie Coste

Linda Bustoz