Fishes Described or Co-Described by Royal D. Suttkus

as of Year 2000

Freshwater fishes:

Hybopsis lineapunctata Clemmer and Suttkus

Notropis ammophilus Suttkus and Boschung

Notropis asperifrons Suttkus and Raney

Notropis baileyi Suttkus and Raney

Notropis candidus Suttkus

Notropis edwardraneyi Suttkus and Clemmer

Notropis hypsilepis Suttkus and Raney

Notropis rafinesquei Suttkus

Notropis signipinnis Bailey and Suttkus

Notropis uranoscopus Suttkus

Pteronotropis euryzonus Suttkus

Semotilus lumbee Suttkus and Snelson

Noturus munitus Suttkus and Taylor

Fundulus euryzonus Suttkus and Cashner

Ambloplites constellatus Cashner and Suttkus

Etheostoma bellator Suttkus and Bailey

Etheostoma brevirostrum Suttkus and Etnier

Etheostoma colorosum Suttkus and Bailey

Etheostoma ditrema Ramsey and Suttkus

Etheostoma lachneri Suttkus and Bailey

Etheostoma moorei Raney and Suttkus

Etheostoma ramseyi Suttkus and Bailey

Etheostoma raneyi Suttkus and Bart

Etheostoma rubrum Raney and Suttkus

Etheostoma tallapoosae Suttkus and Etnier

Percina aurolineata Suttkus and Ramsey

Percina aurora Suttkus and Thompson

Percina brevicauda Suttkus and Bart

Marine fishes:

Lophiodes reticulatus Caruso and Suttkus

Bembrops ocellatus Thompson and Suttkus

Bembrops quadricella Thompson and Suttkus

Bembrops raneyi Thompson and Suttkus