GEOLocate Web Based Clients

The following based web clients are available to allow you to georeference data directly from your web browser:

Standard Client

Simply type in your locality description and get back georeferenced results.  Start here if you are new to GEOLocate.

Batch (File Based) Client

Allows you to upload a .csv file and batch process it. (file formatting instructions)

Collaborative Georeferencing Client

Utilizes the collaborative georeferencing framework.  Ideal for largescale multi-institution projects.(https link)

Note: if you use the secure SSL (HTTPS) link, please make sure you browser is configured to allow mixed mixed content, or you may see a blank map.  Here are SSL configuration instructions for various browsers: in English and in Spanish (special thanks to David Draper for the Spanish translation).
  • Embeddable client
    • A streamlined web client for the purpose of embedding in other web applications.
      Sample link of how an external application on another domain might use this client.
      Documentation link on how to craft URLs for this client.
Other Clients:
Know of any other web based clients using GEOLocate? Let us know and we will be happy to list them.

Web Application

Georeference collections data using your web browser. Quick and easy georeferencing.

Web Services

Integrate georeferencing into your own databases and applications using GEOLocate webservices.

Desktop Application

The original standalone desktop application.


Build communities, share data, relate records across collections and improve verification efficiency.