GEOLocate GEOLocate Lightweight Java Client (version 4.xx)

Early ScreenshotThe GEOLocate Project is currently developing a new platform independent version of GEOLocate using the Java programming language.

This work will transform GEOLocate into a lightweight client application and will bring several additional advancements to the GEOLocate platform, including:
1) enhancing web services for natural language processing and georeferencing of locality descriptions;
2) improving GEOLocate’s core algorithm for more efficient and accurate georeferencing;
3) integrating uncertainty calculations into the GEOLocate algorithms;
4) deploying default web mapping services for use in GEOLocate as well as the ability to connect to any publically accessible mapping service;
5) completely rewriting the desktop software in Java, utilizing web services for georeferencing and web mapping services for visualization;
6) integrating new GEOLocate user interface components into the Specify Workbench (legacy data digitization software);

These advancements to GEOLocate will not only enhance the capture of geo-coordinate data from existing electronic collection records and newly digitized records; it will support the next generation of research use of natural history collection data, performing all of its functions via remote distributed services.

Until this version becomes available, we recommend trying out the original, full-featured standalone version of GEOLocate available here.

Web Application

Georeference collections data using your web browser. Quick and easy georeferencing.

Web Services

Integrate georeferencing into your own databases and applications using GEOLocate webservices.

Desktop Application

The original standalone desktop application.


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