About This Project

This project allows users to work simultaneously on georeferencing a shared dataset comprised of statically uploaded datasets (i.e. an excel spreadsheet). Using the web based portal, end-users may set up and administer georeferencing communities, upload data, view georeferencing status, add users, assign roles, define sub-datasets for users, set georeferencing options and download verified data.

As records are retrieved by the server from uploaded datasets, they are separated into specimen and collecting event data, georeferenced according to the options set by the community and assigned relationships to other records based on geographic identity and similarity. In addition to the file based and manual input, a new data source option has been added to GEOLocate to accommodate community georeferencing. Using GEOLocate, users can login to a community and retrieve records for verification and correction.

The records retrieved for a user are determined by settings within the web portal. For example, a user can be assigned all records from a geographic entity and/or particular data source within the community. For each record retrieved by GEOLocate, the similar and identical records within the community are also retrieved for the user to confirm. In addition to collecting event data, users have the ability to look at the specimen data associated with each collecting event.

Funding for this project has been provided by the United States National Science Foundation.

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